Your Trades.

We make it easier for you to copy your cryptocurrency trades in real-time to many accounts while you trade on just one!

Currently free to use while in private beta.

Supported Exchanges

Copy Trade on major crypto exchanges

We support the most popular spot and derivatives cryptocurrency exchanges. If you do not see your favorite exchange on this list, get in touch with us.

More exchanges coming soon!


No limits

Unlimited accounts and unlimited orders

We do not put any limits on how many groups or accounts you can add. We also do not put limits on number of orders you can copy. We will diligently monitor the primary account and copy all orders in realtime regardless of how many orders you execute in a day.

It is great because you can do something like grid trading on unlimited number of pairs!

How it works

Multiple trading accounts on autopilot.

If you are managing multiple accounts for either for yourself, your friends, or your clients – it is hard to create the same positions in the market without slippages. Instead of trading individual accounts, you can simply link all your secondary accounts while you trade on your primary account. We help you mirror all actions like new orders, updates, and cancels in real time across all your accounts.

Get started in 3 easy steps!

Step 1

Create groups

We provide you with an easy interface to create multiple groups based on your strategy, risk tolerance, or markets.

For each of these groups, you define a primary account and secondary accounts.

Step 2

Add API keys

For each primary and all secondary accounts in a group, add your exchange account API keys.

We start monitoring your primary account for trading activities. As soon as we see any action, we mirror those actions to all secondary accounts in realtime.

Step 3

Sit back and relax

While you trade on your primary account either manually using tools like HyperTrader or using a bot of your choice, we monitor your activities and copy all actions to designated accounts.

No more worries of slippages as we ensure that your orders and positions are identical across accounts.



Get started for free

We are in private beta right now, it is 100% free to use while in beta.

Frequently Asked Questions

What order types do you support?

We support market, limit and stop-limit orders. Market orders may have some slippages. Some order types like OCOs and trailing stops are treated as limit or stop-limit orders.

What if my order doesn’t get copied?

One of the primary reasons is invalid API keys.

Please make sure the API keys continue to be active and valid. Some exchanges require you to review the permissions every 30 to 90 days – please make sure trade permission is enabled at all times.

Can I copy trade across exchanges?

As of now, you can only copy trades within an exchange. We are still building the cross-exchange copy trading feature. Once it is ready, it will be available for private beta users.


Need help? Or just say hello!

We are here to answer any questions you may have. Please email us at hello@hypercopy.trade